Note: These records are based on research by staff and community members and is our understanding as “true” information. We appreciate input if a record needs to be corrected or if additional information may be missing. We will continue to add new material as it becomes available. 谢谢你!.

1873: The first doctor on record arrived in Norton, a woman named Dr. Phoebe Amelia Oliver Briggs, along with her husband, an Indian man named John Story Briggs. 他们被认为是有耐心、心地善良的人. With their daughter Clara Ray, they moved from Norton to Troy, Kansas, in 1884. Dr. Briggs, therefore, practiced medicine in Norton for 11 years. 她的丈夫和女儿都死在了特洛伊. 多年来,布里格斯定期回诺顿. 她最终回到了家乡罗杰斯维尔, 纽约, 她住在哪里直到1924年去世. (查尔斯·奥利弗·康宁,康宁博士的侄子. Briggs, and Norton Courier Lockard’s 历史 of Norton County)

1905: Dr. 威廉·C. 莱思罗普来到了堪萨斯州的诺顿. 最初,他在家中治疗病人. He brought with him an X-ray machine and also performed various surgeries. 他的妻子协助他执业. Treating patients and taking care of the couple’s children in his home eventually became too much, 所以博士. 莱斯罗普 rented the house next door as the “Cottage Hospital,他安排了一名注册护士负责.

1910: “村舍医院”是由dr. 莱斯罗普, Kennedy and Cole for meeting patients’ daily care needs. 在训练有素的护士的监督下. 这家医院位于加德纳家.

1912: Upon outgrowing itself yet again, the “Cottage Hospital” also occupied the GH Griffin property. 地点在林肯和堪萨斯路口.

1911-13: Dr. 莱斯罗普 purchased a property to build a 20-patient hospital. It became 莱斯罗普医院, which is where the current 网上足彩投注app stands. 两年内购买的地段包括WJ Gray地段1 & 2, block 4 of the Golf addition; and JM Jensen lots 3 & 4、4号街区的高尔夫加成.

1914: The Norton Golf Club sold lots 5, 6, 7 and 8, block 4 of the Golf addition, to Dr. 莱思罗普医院需要额外的房间.

1919: The private 莱斯罗普医院 outgrew itself in its present quarters. A corporation composed of leading businessmen of Norton planned to construct a new addition of which 35 patients could be cared for. The addition plans also established a nurses’ training building. Dr. 莱思罗普只雇用注册护士, 而是因为它们很稀少, he started this training school (which we have been told was in the current Norton County Health Department building).

1922: The hospital becomes Norton Methodist Hospital and Home for Nurses when it was purchased by the Methodist Episcopal Church Board of Hospitals. Dr. 莱思罗普,除了博士. 方克和杰弗里斯,都是员工的名字. This year also marked the first commencement ceremonies of 莱斯罗普医院 Training School. 注册护士毕业生5人.

1927: 利昂娜·格兰特小姐被任命为M.E. 教会医院.

1933: The name of the hospital changed to Laird Memorial Hospital, as Mr. 约翰·莱尔德和他的妻子. 贝尔·惠特尼·莱尔德, left a large gift to the hospital in memory of John (John Laird’s obituary is dated Dec. 1932.)

1935: Dr. 莱思罗普从M手中夺回了医院.E. 教会医院委员会通过止赎程序. Name of hospital remains Laird Memorial Hospital until 1939.

1938: Dr. 莱斯罗普 and his wife sell the property to the City of Norton Municipal Corporation (block 4 of Golf addition).

1939: 医院的名字现在是诺顿市医院.

1945-46: City of Norton sells the property to the Norton County 医院校董会 (block 4 of Golf addition). 罗伊·温菲尔德是这个新董事会的主席. 这家医院后来被称为网上足彩投注app.

1950: New hospital building was completed in June and drew a large crowd of more than 3,500 people. The old hospital was leased to Miss Bessie Bieber for the Andbe Home, which opened in November. Bessie was a graduate nurse of the 莱斯罗普医院 Training School.
(Note: Andbe Home was housed in the old hospital building until 1961, when a new facility was built.)

1960-62: Hospital opened bids for extending the west wing and developing a two-story structure to increase its capacity to 50 patients.

1965: 医院在北面增加了一个附加部分.

1970: 网上足彩投注app也增建了一座. 20世纪70年代的医院管理者是Frank Mlinar, but his exact start date as administrator is unknown by our records. 我们知道他是1970-1980年的管理员.

1977: 网上足彩投注app staff numbers were around 108 total employees.

1978: Norton Telegram article includes information on five doctors who serve “The Doctors Building” in Norton. 包括博士. Colip, Hartley, Hartman, Steichen和外科医生Dr. 长. Dr. Butler retired this year, as noted in a separate Telegram article. He had practiced osteopathic medicine for more than 52 years in Norton. Also in this year, the 网上足彩投注app had 43 single-occupancy beds.

1981: Richard Miller became 网上足彩投注app’s administrator.

1997: Dr. Glenda Maurer joined 网上足彩投注app as a family physician.

2014: 瑞安·斯托弗成为网上足彩投注app的行政主管.

2017: 吉娜·弗拉克成为网上足彩投注app的行政主管.

2019: The hospital announced it hired three new physicians to join the medical staff; they began employment in September 2020. 他们包括博士. 乔希·盖德博士. 米兰达·麦凯勒博士. Theresia尼尔. 医院把它的劳工带回来了 & 和这些新医生一起进行接生.

2021: 布莱恩·柯克成为网上足彩投注app的管理者.

2021: The hospital announced it hired an internal medicine physician to join the medical staff; Dr. 达科塔·德雷尔将于2022年9月开始工作.

更多关于博士的信息. 莱斯罗普, his background and his family, is available online.

We are working to fill the more recent history and sorting through documentation from 1980-present.


Dr. 莱思罗普和他的员工
Dr. 莱思罗普和他的员工


1: 堪萨斯州诺顿的莱思罗普医院(外部照片)
2: Dr. 莱思罗普,站在左边,和莱思罗普医院的员工在一起. 在这张照片中,有九个人被确认为. 莱思罗普被认为是C. Geary B. 比伯,C. Kious W. 贝利,N. 兰尼恩,M. 比伯,M. 科比,米. 德拉诺和我. 约翰逊.
3: Dr. 莱思罗普坐在一起,据信是B. 比伯,C. Geary W. 贝利,C. 邓拉普和N. 兰尼恩.
4: C. Geary和B. 比伯在莱思罗普医院门口.
5: 莱思罗普医院的工作人员被认为是C. 吉尔里,米. 比伯,M. 科比,B. 比伯,C. Kious W. 贝利,N. 兰尼恩,M. 德拉诺和我. 约翰逊.


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In 2019, the hospital, with the help of staff and community input from the most recent 社区卫生需要评估, created new vision, mission and values statements for the organization. 这些都是由董事会批准的.


Norton County and the surrounding region thrives with access to well-resourced, sustainable, 高质量的医疗保健.


网上足彩投注app meets the evolving health care needs of our region and provides an exceptional staff and patient experience to empower health and wellness at any stage of life.


  1. 对医院各方面的高度重视和尊重. (不要诋毁医院或彼此.)
  2. 对所有跨入我们门槛的人给予慈悲关怀. (帮助,不要评判.)
  3. 每个人都对自己的行为负责. )别犯傻.)
  4. 健康和保健建模. )多保重.)
  5. 寻求理解. (了解事实.)
  6. 数据驱动的决策. )做功课.)

Historically, at least since the 1990s, 网上足彩投注app had the mission of dedication to 关怀、承诺和社区.

我们喜欢听诺顿县居民的故事, 前任和现任, 网上足彩投注app和它的历史. 如果你有故事要讲,请致电785-877-3351.